26 April 2007

Networks, Connections and Community: Learning with Social Software

Mindmap ... Learning with Social Software in VET (Evans and Larrie, 2007, P 50)

Well, it's been an interesting journey as we sought to discover how social software could best be used for knowledge sharing, capability development and in teaching and learning in Vocational Education and Training (VET). The research report has now been published - you can check it out at http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/flx/go/pid/377.

The mindmap above represents the key findings - the supporting themes, pre-conditions, enablers, contexts in VET, and the theories informing the use of social software that emerged through this research. There was substantial evidence that the use of social software can be an effective strategy for knowledge sharing, capability development as well as a strategy that can enhance and enliven the teaching and learning experience in VET.
If you want to pursue the use of social software, the report contains case studies/stories that demonstrate its use, strategies for implementation as well as hints and tips contributed by the research respondents.
The Learning with Social Software wiki is still alive - social software is a dynamic area! If you have something to share - a story, an insight, a vision - add your link to the wiki at http://socialsoftware-research.wikispaces.com/
This will be my last post to this blog - thanks to all of those who supported me as I discovered how social software works as a user and a researcher.