22 December 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well, I've had my head buried in analysing and synthesising all the data captured for this research project - phew!

The draft report has just been sent off (5:30 pm on 22 January) so I am looking forward to relaxing over Christmas and the New Year now.

The report is to be finalised by late January - it will be good to have the time to reflect - I'm sure the draft will change!

The research wiki will be updated before then with a wonderful selection of research stories to be added. I was hoping to do this before Christmas but just not enough hours in the day I am afraid. I will post a message when it has been updated though.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful contributions to our research - you've given us lots to think and write about!

Merry Christmas and all the best for a wonderful New Year.

06 December 2006

Bingo! Capturing Management Interest

The idea that the use of social software by organisations improves workflow and productivity has to capture management interest don't you think? I have been reviewing the 'stories' of several research contributors who use social software for project management, knowledge sharing and organisational learning and this common theme is emerging as a result of the freedom of rapid publishing and subsequent empowerment of project/team managers.

I feel as if I have stumbled over an absolutely critical finding if management buy-in to using social software is to be encouraged! I've always believed in the power of using the language of your intended audience and despite managers of educational institutions seeming interest in teaching and learning, the ever-tightening budgets keep them firmly focused on $$$$, in public education at least.

So, what examples can you provide of improved workflow and productivity through using social software in your workplace?