24 October 2006

The Value of a "Social" Approach to Learning

I am pondering one of the questions we are considering in this research, viz "What do you value most about a more social approach to capability development and professional learning practices?" Of course, attending a workshop can be quite social given the right context and participants and I've heard the comment many times that you can't socialise online - you need the face-to-face to really connect. I don't agree - I have had wonderfully social events online over the years. Certainly with the development of Web 2.0 technologies we are provided with many tools to connect, network, and learn together so to engage with these technologies we are choosing a more 'social' approach in the online environment.

Why do we value this more 'social' approach to learning?


At 6:01 pm, Anonymous Lee Hopkins said...

Hi Val,

Thanks for sending me your links.

Interesting that you should approach this topic, as I am applying to conduct PhD research into SecondLife and the opportunities and risks for businesses (esp. around what business models they could use and what they could 'sell' -- online training, meeting rooms, etc.).

Perhaps we need to keep each other "in each other's radar" to see what knowledge we can share for the benefit of all...



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