09 October 2006

Social Software for Learning

The Social Software for Learning Blog is a space for discussion, discourse and debate within the Social Software/Web 2 Technologies Research Project being funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's Knowledge Sharing Services and Research and Policy Advice projects.

We encourage all those interested in social software for learning within and across organisations as well as in teaching and learning environments, to participate in this research project by contributing both to our research wiki and this blog.


At 10:04 am, Anonymous Cath Fernbach said...

Hi Val,
Im interested in your comments about the difficulty of getting people to contribute their ideas. Even if your contributions are read, many of us are still finding their way and dont want to appear totally naive about this technology and it's unique language- I see a great use for blogs/wikis in teaching (particularly in remote areas) but if I'm apprehensive about contributing and Ive been "fiddling around' with e- learning for some years now, what are my less savvy learners going to do. Im sure that Im not alone with this but I have students who use e-technology often plus all of those modern inventions -text and pods and stuff, but I also have students who can't turn on a computer. I'm presently looking at diverse delivery methods to cater for everone's learning preference meanwhile learning more about e-learning myself.


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